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Treatments at Life Balance Adjustments involve a wide variety of techniques including Chiropractic adjustments, Dry Needling and Cupping to improve joint mobility, functionality and to assist in eliminating pain and discomfort.  Traditional “twist and crack” adjustments are NOT used as part of our repertoire.  Our modern techniques are designed to facilitate the body into making more permanent change.  We treat the whole body, including the spine, pelvis, cranials, jaw, ribs, and also upper and lower limbs, even fingers and toes!  Our adjustments are gentle, but highly effective and can include the use of an activator, blocks, Logan basic and cranial therapy to balance the asymmetries and to ensure that the body is working with our treatment, not against it.  In some circumstances, when the muscle involvement is significant, other modalities will also be recommended, such as therapeutic ultrasound, cupping or dry needling therapy, or a combination of these

At times we will recommend Dry Needling treatment to eliminate lactic acid trigger points from the muscles to bring about rapid and long-lasting results.  Cupping is beneficial in increasing the blood flow and alleviating muscular adhesions. Changes to ergonomics, strapping, rolling, stretching and exercises are also often prescribed to effect faster and more permanent results.

We re-located to the Diamond Valley Shopping Centre, Shop 14B, 78 Nepean St Watsonia in September 2017. When we took over, the property was a dentist so while the clinic was being renovated we were still seeing clients but more often than not, Dr. Kez was in tradie clothes and covered in dust or paint!

With over 19 years of clinical experience, Dr. Kez has been helping families to eliminate pain, restore motion and improve health and wellbeing.  From newborn babies, through to the elderly, we value all clients that require our services.  Dr. Kez is also a qualified midwife and has always had a strong passion for treating paediatric clients and relishes in their exceptionally profound and rapid results. (Read more about Dr. Kez here) As our 8 children are all heavily into sporting activities, this has brought about a niche at our clinic for the treatment of sporting injuries, strapping and injury rehabilitation.  Here at Life Balance Adjustments, your treatment comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience to assist you on your path to pain-free health and wellbeing.

We believe in getting your body functioning as best as we can and have you well and truly on your way to recovery in the best possible timeframe. Your treatments begin on your first appointment and we will not over-service you, only recommending appointments as you need them. These will be reviewed at every visit.

Life Balance Adjustments is a clinic that offers more than just Chiropractor Care. Chiropractic treatment, including spinal adjustment, have been reported to be an effective treatment for spinal pain, some headaches and other similar symptoms, however, in clinical practise we have found Chiropractic combined with Dry Needling delivers quicker and longer-lasting results.

There are numerous aspects of Chiropractor Care that many people don’t realise are available to them. At Life Balance Adjustments we believe in Life Balance…hence the name! So, if there is something not right in your body we aim to help as best as we can. Ailments such as constipation in babies, kids and adults can be greatly assisted. Migraines, headaches and the immune system can be treated with Chiropractic and Cranial adjustments. Tight muscles and strains can be treated with Ultrasound and Dry Needling, especially sporting injuries in adults as well as kids. Treatments vary according to an acute or chronic injury. Have you just been putting up with something for a long time? Take a moment to assess yourself and see if there any ailments that have been causing pain or discomfort that you have “just put up with” until now. Even the little things! You would be surprised at how Chiro can assist your body!

Private Health refunds available.

Medicare rebates available to eligible clients.  Ask us how.

Life Balance Adjustments

Diamond Village Shopping Centre

Shop 14B, 78 Nepean St

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