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I have many passions in life and two of them are Sport and kids! Growing up a sporty kid, playing and umpiring every sport possible at school and enjoying subjects that taught me about the inner workings of the human body, I always had a strong desire to help people and knew that a career as a Chiropractor would be a good way to combine my passion for sport and helping people. Once I learnt that a Chiropractor’s role is to facilitate the body’s own ability to heal itself, I was hooked! It was like a light globe went off in my head and my research into becoming the best Chiropractor possible, began.

My Chiropractic career has been extremely rewarding. I studied a Double Degree in Bachelor of Health Science and Bachelor of Applied Science Chiropractic and at RMIT, completing in 2001. I studied Bachelor of Midwifery at ACU, completing in 2010 and over the years, have studied various courses such as strapping, NIS, HypnoBirthing, Ultrasound, Dry Needling and Cupping.

I am always researching and experimenting with new products on the market and have developed my own range of products, Dr. Kez’s ChiroLab using herbs, vitamins, minerals, 100% essential oils and homeopathic remedies,  to assist your body to achieve the desired results. Currently,  the most popular product is my Trauma Relief Cream containing Arnica, Magnesium and many other amazing natural ingredients. This cream is fantastic for aiding the recovery of inflammation, bruising, aches, sprains and strains. Great stuff!

After graduating and working in the field for a couple of years I took over a paediatric practise in Watsonia in 2002 and began as In-Balance-Chiropractic. Shortly after this I established a heath care centre called Well Adjusted Families in Bundoora. I spent many years there and decided in 2017, it was time for my most exciting move yet! I established my new practise, Life Balance Adjustments, at the Diamond Valley Shopping Centre, Shop 14B, 78 Nepean St Watsonia, on the outskirts of Greensborough. We completely renovated the clinic (yes, me in my work gear covered in sawdust was a lot of fun!) and it’s an amazing place to work. I love being able to say “I love going to work!”

On a more personal note, for as long as I can remember, I always wanted to have children, even before I knew how it all worked!  When the opportunity became available to work in a Chiropractic paediatric practice I jumped at the opportunity. Getting to work with kiddies all day long was so very rewarding, and my desire to become a Mum continued to grow, so much so that I ended up with 4 kids! My passion for Chiropractic and my love of kids, led me to find a strong niche in my practice. Having studied Midwifery (whilst pregnant with my third as an added bonus!), I have a special love of working with newborns and children, both responding so well to Chiropractic treatments and require few adjustments to bring their bodies back into balance, and their results are truly spectacular. This coupled with regular comical comments, high fives and occasional artwork received, makes my job extremely rewarding. Babies can’t tell us when they are in pain and discomfort but their body language sure can! Being a new mum is hard enough but when your bub doesn’t sleep, doesn’t want to be put down, suffers from feeding issues and excessive vomiting, cries when being put in the car seat, can’t feed on one side properly or is constipated just makes it harder. It just doesn’t have to be that way and I love being part of the journey to making life easier and more enjoyable for families. Not only are the bub’s and kids happier, so are their parents! 

As my children have grown, and my life circumstances have blessed me with a partner with four fantastic children (allow me to do the math – that’s 8 kids!!), we find ourselves at training and sporting events extremely regularly. Sport is a huge part of our culture and nowadays, the kids are busier than the adults with all of their sporting commitments. Keeping on top of their health so they train and perform at their best is definitely a perk of the job. It also teaches them invaluable lessons on how to look after their bodies going into the adult years. If you have Chiropractor adjustments from an early age, your body gets to know what alignment feels like and knows straight away if there is something not quite right. More often than not, the kids are telling me what to adjust on them!

This has allowed me to re-ignite my fire to get back into sport, as a spectator, coach, trainer and also playing football and basketball. I played a season in women’s football for the senior women’s team for St Mary’s, participated as a Trainer for the St Mary’s senior men’s team and Trainer for the girls under 12’s St Mary’s team. There has been many a time when I hobbled off after a footy game with multiple bags of ice glad wrapped to my legs! I know how important it is to want to get back into the game as quickly as possible after an injury and ensuring quick treatment when injury occurs can certainly give it the best chance of recovery. Full and complete recovery is pertinent to prevent reoccurrence of any injury.

There are so many benefits and ranges of treatments as a Chiropractor that we can offer and when playing sport, I know from first-hand experience, this can make all the difference. Sport always comes with an element of danger as we put our bodies on the line for the thrill of the win and treatments such as Dry Needling, Ultrasound and Chiropractic Adjustments all aid in the recovery of any sporting injury. This has resulted in me developing another niche, as I now also enjoy working with a multitude of sporting injuries and rehabilitating people back to full joint function to be able to return to the field or court.

Of course, there are added benefits to having babies and children adjusted as it helps to keep their immune system strong and healthy to stave off those winter colds and sniffles! It goes without saying that this applies to adults as well. We all need to take care of ourselves and Chiropractor Care is a great way to start!

I’m extremely lucky to be able to work in a medical field which combines my two passions that I can incorporate into everyday life and meet amazing people in the process! #lovinglife

The treatments we use at Life Balance Adjustments are numerous and vary dependant on the issue that requires treating.

Treating kids of all ages!

Treating all areas of your body.

We treat feet and fit orthotics.

Gentle Chiropractic Adjustments using an activator.

Cranial Adjustments.

Dry Needling and Therapeutic Ultrasound Treatments.



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