Chiropractic Care

With over 300 joints within our bodies, its not hard to understand why so many of us experience joint pain and dysfunction from time to time!

At Life Balance Adjustments, we don’t just treat the common lower back and neck pain issues within our community, we also frequently treat hip, knee and ankle problems, shoulder, elbow and wrist problems, as well as jaw and rib ailments too, we even adjust toes and fingers.

It isn't just about the spine!

As surprising as that may sound to those of you who thought that Chiropractors dealt with spinal ailments only, let me tell you that the real shock is yet to come.  Due to the close relationship of our spine to our nervous system, the Chiropractic adjustment can have a profound influence on your entire body and all of its systems.  For example, joint restrictions in the lower back can influence the neurological messages reaching the digestive system, leading to constipation, for example.  When the corrective adjustment is done to the affected area, the messages are restored and the body can then bring itself back into balance, which, in this case, can result in normal bowel function again.  Understanding this close relationship between the spine and nervous system, helps us to understand how our joint problems can affect our bodies ability to maintain healthy function, which can lead to many symptoms that most people don’t necessarily associate with a Chiropractic visit, such as; dizziness, headaches, migraines, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, diarrhoea, tinnitus, sinusitis, blood pressure issues, indigestion, irregular periods, difficulty getting pregnant, PMS, ADHD, shortness of breath, asthma, and many others.

What is the role of a Chiro?


The premise behind Chiropractic care is relatively simple.  When the joints of the body are in a favourable position the body has the innate ability to heal itself and keep us healthy.  Therefore, it is the role of the Chiropractor to get the joints moving optimally to take pressure off the nervous system to allow the body to maintain peak function and performance.  The benefits of this are far reaching, such as reducing pain and discomfort, increasing joint movement, increasing your immune system and general health, mental clarity, and increased energy and overall wellbeing.

Our Focus
is to reduce pain and get you back in balance!

We use various treatments

The treatments that we use to achieve this at Life Balance Adjustments are numerous, and vary dependant on the issue that requires treating.  We choose low force techniques wherever possible, (that’s right no bone crunching here!), which use just enough force to effect the desired change in the joint, without causing unnecessary change to surrounding tissues and joints.  These techniques are more comfortable and have less risk associated with them.

Getting back to health!

Here at Life Balance Adjustments we want to get you out of pain and back to health as soon as possible, so we use various other techniques during treatment as well, such as soft tissue therapy to balance the muscles, ultrasound to reduce inflammation, dry needling to remove trigger points in tight muscles and to stimulate inactive muscles, we even have a treatment to assist in bowel evacuation, when you are constipated.  To further aid in recovery and to prevent reoccurrence, we also look at what your body goes through on a daily basis, in your occupation, sports, hobbies and sleeping postures in case we can assist you to achieve a healthier life balance by making suggestions for better ergonomics, prescribing supplementation, increasing hydration and incorporating stretching, rolling and strengthening exercises.  

Chronic Pain?

Some of the battle that we face in the quest to facilitate optimal health in our clients, comes from the body’s desire to hold itself in existing postures.  This becomes particularly prevalent when a problem is chronic, and your body has compensated for the dysfunctional joint for many months, or even years in some cases.  Muscles have tightened or loosened, ligament tension has changed, and the joints have rotated and become restricted.  Over time your body thinks that this compensatory position is normal and, as a result, it works hard to keep the joints and soft tissue structures in this less than optimal state.  Herein lies the issue!  You come into our office and we adjust your joints into the correct position and use therapies to alter the tension of the muscles and ligaments to compliment this new position, but it is not uncommon for the body to work against us initially.  This is your body’s attempt to return to the position it was in before your entered the treatment room, which for so long, it had perceived as normal.  So initially, we battle with the brain in some respects until it recognises this new position as normal.  In some people this happens quickly, in others, it can take a number of visits before the body works with us to facilitate this new position. 

 You may be eligible for a Medicare rebate for chronic pain.  Ask us how!


At Life Balance Adjustments we choose to use adjustments that allow your body to be neutrally relaxed, rather than twisting your body into extreme positions.  The activator tool, allows us to make corrections to your spine and other joints, without putting your body into these unnecessary contorted positions first.  The activator applies an extremely fast, and accurate thrust to improve the mobility of the joints.  The activator tool has an adjustable tension control, giving it the ability to apply a gentle, medium or firm thrust, depending on the area of the spine that is being corrected.  The adjustment is far more comfortable than the old school, traditional manual techniques and has extremely minimal risks.

Drop Piece

Although most areas of the body can be adjusted using gentle techniques, there are some areas that require a firmer adjustment, and the tool of choice is the drop piece table.  Large joints, and those surrounded by a large number of tight muscles, respond well to a rapid adjustment with more impact.  The beauty of the drop piece table, like the activator, is that the body can remain in a relaxed posture during the adjustment, preventing muscles becoming tight and resisting the corrective procedure.  There are multiple sections on the drop piece table that can accommodate the various areas of the body that may require this form of adjustment, and there is even a small portable drop piece table that can be used on the smaller peripheral joints, as needed.


Soft Tissue Therapy

Joint injuries usually result in muscle tightness as well.  At Life Balance Adjustments we find muscles respond well to trigger point therapy, massage, dry needling, therapeutic ultrasound and twin ray laser therapy.  We select the appropriate combination of these soft tissue therapies, along with the various adjustive techniques at our disposal.  Working on both the joint dysfunction and the muscle imbalance is the best way to get the quickest and longest lasting results possible for our clients.

We provide and fit Orthotics

Private Health Fund Claims Available.

Medicare Rebates available to eligible clients. Ask us how.

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